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Clean Energy Patch offers a pure, more efficient form of natural Energy for athletes and others to get the edge they need.

Peak Performance. Naturally.

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Zero-Calorie Energy for a longer duration.

Clean Energy’s natural, patent-pending system is a completely
new way to boost your energy and sharpen your focus. Just
peel off the Patch, stick it almost anywhere, and enjoy the HUM
for up to 8 hours. When your workout, game, or race is
finished, simply remove the Patch and call it a day.


WHO: Clean Energy was developed by leading
skin scientists to provide the positive
energizing effects of caffeine to athletes in the
heat of competition.

HOW: Clean Energy Patch takes advantage of the
skin’s absorptive properties to provide an even
flow of natural caffeine all day (or night).
Clean Energy Patch uses kinesiology tape (KT tape)
with active ingredients designed to give you peak
performance naturally.


  • Consistent Energy
  • No Side Effects
  • Natural Ingredients


  • Energy Spike/Crash
  • Jitters, Nausea
    & Acid Stomach
  • Artificial Ingredients

Clean Energy. Clean Living.

The challenge with Energy Drinks is that you have to drink them. Your stomach just isn’t designed to process caffeine when you’re engaged in sport. When your body is under stress, cramps, jitters, and nausea can make you miserable - not to mention the spikes and crashes that are common side effects.

High Performance

On the Field. On the Job.

Every professional athlete has his or her counterpart - for every rally
car driver there is a long-haul trucker, for every cyclist a bike courier,
for every Tough Mudder a tough mother. Whatever your claim to
fame, Clean Energy can help you achieve your personal best and
compete at the highest level, at work…play…sport…or transport.

Patch Up. Power Up.

Elite Athlete Experiences.

Record a personal best. Lift your spirits. Concentrate like never before.

Elite cyclists, runners, golfers, team sport and individual athletes
report that Clean Energy gives them improved endurance, alertness
and mental clarity.

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Clean Energy really helps my stamina and focus on long approach routes.


What is Clean Energy Patch?

Clean Energy Patch is a new, skin-based way to get your energy. It contains caffeine and other natural ingredients applied to kinesiology tape (commonly known as “KT tape”) in an easy-to-use 2.25” x 3.5” patch format.

How Do I Use It?

Clean Energy Patch is as easy to use as KT tape. Simply peel off the paper liner and stick the Patch on a hair-free area of the body such as chest, abdomen, arm or hip. Press firmly to seal the edges and activate the adhesive, then Go! Remove the Patch when desired, up to 8 hours after application. After active sweating, remove Patch and wash skin. Refer to the Directions for Use on the product label for more information.

Who Uses It and
Who is It For?

Clean Energy Patch’s patent-pending adhesive system was originally designed for use during athletic activity, but it can be used under almost any conditions. Many find it ideal for work, study, entertainment, or just beating the afternoon blues.

Why Should I Use It?

There are several benefits to Clean Energy when used in accordance with the label. It contains no calories to fill you up, no liquids to slow you down, and unlike many nutritional products, there are no mystery ingredients to worry about. It’s discreet, lightweight, and can be used almost anywhere. JUST PEEL, STICK, AND ENJOY THE HUM!

Can I Use More than
One Patch?

We recommend using no more than two Clean Energy Patches at a time. If using a patch every day, change the location of the patch daily.

How Much Caffeine is in
Clean Energy?

Each Clean Energy Patch contains about 35 mg of caffeine. Clean Energy Patch is not a substitute for coffee, but many find that it gives a nice ‘HUM,’ an uplift in mood and focus that is different from the BUZZ or JOLT of ingested caffeine products.


Guarana (Paullinia cupana) and Cacao (Cacao theobroma) are well-known plant seed extracts that are natural sources of caffeine and related xanthine compounds. In addition to being classified as dietary supplements, Guarana, cacao, and caffeine are listed in the HPUS as homeopathic agents that support mental stimulation and alertness.

Is Clean Energy Patch Safe?

When used in accordance with its label, Clean Energy Patch provides a safe amount of caffeine. Caffeine has been proven to offer a variety of

potential benefits for healthy individuals when consumed in moderation, from boosting energy to enhancing attention and focus.

People have varying sensitivity to caffeine, and daily use of Clean Energy Patch should conform to an individual’s reasonable intake of caffeine. In general, children are more sensitive to caffeine than adults, and we do not recommend Clean Energy Patch for caffeine-sensitive individuals, including children and pregnant women.

As with any source of caffeine, check with your doctor before using Clean Energy Patch if you have any specific health conditions or concerns.

Is it Waterproof?

Clean Energy Patch is not waterproof; however, the Patch’s unique combination of kinesiology tape and adhesive are water-resistant in most situations.

Does it Meet IOC &
NCAA Standards?

At 35mg of caffeine, Clean Energy Patch clocks in well below permissible caffeine levels established by the International Olympic Committee (equivalent of 12 cups), the NCAA (15mg/mL, equivalent of 5 cups), and other athletic governing bodies.

A Better Way To Get Your Energy.

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